In March, I worked long and hard to completely revamp my lettering workshop, including a brand new, detail-packed, workbook!

This workbook includes all of the basic strokes, a complete alphabet, and different styling suggestions! A true labor of love! 

What better way to debut this new workbook than a special class
just for my Engaged Asheville Creative Team! 


With mimosa supplies and cupcakes on hand, we met one Tuesday morning at the beautiful space to enjoy each other's company while I taught them the basics and the importance of SLOWING DOWN. Most people assume that since they've been writing their entire adult lives, that hand-lettering will be an easy thing to magically pick up.... it's not! Just like anything else, this particular skill takes practice, and lots of it. 


Just look at what a difference 1 year can make! From understanding layouts, and discovering my own style, there is a huge difference between the two pieces, though the same colors and phrase! Learning to enjoy the process is important! 

April 2016

April 2016

April 2017

April 2017

I had such a great time sharing my craft with friends, and really enjoy the challenge of teaching! I recently added more workshops to the Joy Unscripted calendar, so if you've been curious about lettering.... go register! A great evening out for girls night, or event for a bridal shower! So grab a friend or two and come use your creative brain while sipping and snacking!

All images (besides the Lord is my Shepherd photos) courtesy of Anastasiia Photography