So I've never written a 'year in review' post before, and I'm not really sure how to go about it... but we'll see what happens :) 


Y'all really. It seemed so overwhelmingly daunting at the time that I couldn't really see it ever happening. But really it wasn't all that hard [stay tuned for an update after I've done my 2016 taxes, HA]. And that being said, hopefully I did it all right! 

From picking a name and struggling to "brand" even though I know the importance of cohesiveness, I still have a lot to learn! After starting I was really just praying, "Lord, please send me at least one paid order." Prayer works people. 

Shipping my first official order!! 

Shipping my first official order!! 

Shipping multiple orders at once! 

Shipping multiple orders at once! 

Total Orders = 89

Holiday Orders: 19
LuLaRoe Orders: 50
Workshop Attendees: 10

That's crazy to me. Did you see that last line? I taught my own Workshop!  Which was fun, and I need to plan more --> good goal for 2017! There is lots to improve on there also! I keep saying there's lots to improve, but I'm not letting that overwhelm me... continually learning and growing is a good thing, not something to fret over. 

For a little comparison, here is a really really early lettering piece next to a more recent one! Practice people, practice. It does wonders. 


There is so much more I could share and reflect on, but from wedding signs, envelope addressing, custom framed calligraphy to LuLaRoe clothing signs, it has been a fun 8 months of business with Joy Unscripted!! And I feel extremely blessed to have met some amazing people through this adventure!! [More to come on that in a later blog post!] 

Here's to a year filled with lots of mistakes to learn from, goals made and fun events! Let's get focused and make 2017 even better 💛