Alright, well it's pretty terrible that I never posted about my first Asheville lettering workshop. I should be [and am] ashamed, but I'm going to stick with "better late than never" am I right?? 

So it was all really sort of random. 
I got tagged in a post on Facebook by a friend [that I also randomly met thanks to ZTA when I moved here in January] asking if anyone knew about lettering classes in the area! So I responded and said I'd be happy to put something together if people were interested. 

Turns out, they were! 

So Brandi, the girl who made the original Facebook post, is good friends with Candace [owner of Engaged] and suggested I reach out to her and see if it'd be possible to host it there. One thing led to another and all of a sudden it was scheduled for Oct 15th at the beautiful Engaged Space!

[another blog post is due here because I'm now a member of Engaged!!!!! exciting]

Okay back on topic. Lots of prep work happening, and people are registering! In fact, the class sold out! [Woot woot] You could say I was exited and nervous all at the same time. New place, new space, new faces, new adventures! 

My [CrossFit friend] Ben was kind enough to come out and take some pictures for me [see below] that I absolutely love! Check out his work --> HERE

The class was great, people were fun, and although I have a lot to improve on I'm so happy for the opportunity to grow my skills and business through this first workshop.