Important People You Should Know

Okay. So we all have those people that we follow, seemingly from a distance, on Instagram that you either like love love or love/hate to follow. I say love/hate because sometimes the imposter and/or self-doubt syndrome can take over and 3 hours of scrolling through a beautiful feed can either leave you feeling really inspired, or really beaten up.

Enter Elisabeth and Cami. Elisabeth Anne is a calligrapher out of Atlanta (shoutout home town) who I've followed for probably eternity.... okay, eternity for my lettering world is like 2.5 years, but go with it. And Cami Monet is a watercolor artist (also calligrapher) currently in Florida, and y'all... read her instagram bio, sprinkle donuts and joy-filled calligraphy?? Sounds like my cup of tea! Both seem to have it pretty much always together and run thriving creative businesses!

Cami's watercolor talent always leaves me equal parts in-awe and "shoot, get your act together and actually try to learn this" , and I feel like Elisabeth is always putting out perfectly branded blog posts and videos with tips and tricks which, if you've been following me for very long you know is forever included on my "I want to do" list and that I never actually do. But the lovely thing about these ladies is that while you can easily get caught up in the ever-growing list of things you want to do and haven't done, they're extremely supportive and inspiring for people in the same industry. 

Biz Birthday Love

They are currently gearing up to put on a Biz Birthday Bash program (registration is now open) with a series of webinars all about things they've learned in their businesses over the past year with resources and guides to help other small business owners succeed! L-O-V-E, seriously love, when professionals help other professionals (stay tuned for more on this and a potential event from me)!! Because if you ask me, the world has enough meanie-heads in it already, and we should do our part to help out however and whenever we can. Yes, meanie-head is a totally adult, 30-year-old, technical term! 


Watercolor Workshop

How it happened. 

Okay maybe I got off topic for a minute there. Watercolors. Let's talk about watercolors. Because Instagram Stories have taken over all sitting/relaxing/down-time to laugh, cry, ooh and ahh over everything everyone is posting, I found out that Cami was looking for a photographer to shoot her watercolor workshop in Cosby, TN. A quick google search (sorry Cosby, I didn't know where you were) told me that wasn't really that far from Asheville... so I immediately sent the story to Kathy Beaver Photography and told her she should message Cami because she rocks.

In true Kathy fashion, the next week I find myself leaving the house at 5:30am to drive to Cosby, TN to not only play assistant to Kathy's photography gig, but ALSO TO ATTEND THE WORKSHOP AS A STUDENT! Queue all the happy dances and confetti throwing and whatever else you do to celebrate fun things in your life. 

Morning Glory Farm, Tennessee

Cami grew up on some farmland in East Tennessee that is now home to Morning Glory Farm, a wedding and event venue in the Smoky Mountains. Since Kathy needed to be there early to take photographs of Cami & Elisabeth, I got to spend some time taking in the beautiful scenery! Such a quiet, serene, beautiful piece of land with the cutest buildings. Take a look at this workshop setup! 

Joy-Unscripted-Calligraphy-Blog-Watercolor-Workshop-2 copy.JPG

do I even need to say anything about these donuts?! 

Okay, so there were donuts, and champagne with fresh juices, and HOMEMADE biscuits and jams (Cami's Nana made them) and I had a hard time pulling myself away from the food table (per usual) to actually pay attention to the workshop. Jk I was so excited to paint, but y'all do know my love for donuts. 

Joy Unscripted Watercolor

Okay okay, I'm talking A LOT (another side note, this is what happens when I say "write a quick blog post Bethany" just do it. 4 hours later, there's a novel to be edited and nothing has been posted). Let's get to the real stuff.

I need to go find some previous watercolor attempts. Like when I was pretending to learn. I did successfully make a watercolor table number design for Kate Carreno's wedding, and I was super proud of it. Y'all watercolor is hard. You have to move it and control it but give it water and geez.

But Cami walked us through initial "learn what watercolors do" stages all the up to painting a realistic rose! I went in really excited about what's called "loose florals" and left loving the process of painting realistic florals. Surprising? Yes!! But I can't wait to try more of both styles, and hopefully start feeling WAY more confident about adding in my own watercolor to invitation suites and other Joy Unscripted offerings!!  

It Runs in the Family

In addition to Cami's amazing talents, her father was on-site during the workshop lending his abilities as well. G. Webb is a renowned watercolor artist who taught Cami to paint at just three years old! He has a gallery in Gatlinburg, TN and regularly sells original works for tens of thousands of dollars! When I say we were incredibly lucky to have him around, I'm serious y'all! It's not everyday you attend workshops and get TWO amazing instructors! Talk about a seriously gifted family... 

My grandmother was an amazing oil painter, and I'm thinking surely maybe somewhere deep down inside of myself I have some of her naturally gifted, artistic genes. We're talking deep deep down though! If I do, they certainly haven't naturally surfaced. But after taking the watercolor workshop this past weekend I think maybe I do have some of them, and I just haven't actually utilized them. Aka, never taken the time to learn and hone them! I left the workshop feeling inspired and ready to paint paint paint! And I actually have done a couple of loose florals since then! Definitely lots to improve on and learn, but it's fun and relaxing all at the same time and I'm proud of the progress I made in just 3 hours that day during the workshop! 


I absolutely would recommend Cami's watercolor workshop!

She was charming, patient and a gracious Southern host.

My skills improved greatly in just the short 3 hours and I can't wait to keep painting!



I attended a watercolor florals workshop taught by Cami Monet at Morning Glory Farm in East Tennessee. Cami was taught by her father, G Webb, at an early age, and Papa G was also on-site. Kathy Beaver photographed the event and we had a great time learning not only the basics of handling watercolors, but also painting loose florals and a realistic rose! Cami's workshop was 100% worth the 2 hour drive and I am looking forward to adding more watercolor into my Joy Unscripted offerings!