So this post is from the past, pre-Joy Unscripted even, but a big part of my life and a piece of my 101 in 1001 list! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go back a couple blog posts to check out my ongoing list and what I have left to accomplish before March 2018

I love to read. For funsies.

I added that 'for funsies' part in because Andy likes to read also, but he reads like... serious books. History, nutrition, war, etc. My dad reads things like Shrodinger's Rabbits for fun. As much as I love Quantum Mechanics, when I read, I read for pleasure... distractions from the real world and responsibilities. Some of my favorites? 

Yes, I realize that's an extremely varied list, but that's why I love reading so much. There are SO MANY CHOICES!!! You want something that's gonna make you feel? Make you think? Make you dream? Make you look behind the shower curtain before ever stepping in? There's something for everyone. In the moment, I love psychological thrillers, but nothing will make me drop all the things I should be doing like a good heart-clenching love story. Need one? Check out those first two. Seriously. My all time two favorite books. But, you've been warned, have some tissues handy!

So. About this challenge. As part of my 101 in 1001, and just for fun with friends, I SUCCESSFULLY completed a 52 Book Challenge in 2015. 52 books in one calendar year. Y'all. Even as much as I love to read, it was hard. I made up a lot of ground on my week-long beach vacation (where I do nothing but sit and read in the sun all week, seriously) and over the Christmas holiday, but there were certainly times where I thought I wasn't going to finish. We decided to follow the PopSugar list they published, matching our 52 books to each of their categories. Meaning, while I did get to pick the 52 books, I was restricted in how I picked them. Check out my full list and when and how I read them in this (super old) personal blog post! 

I'm so glad that I did this challenge, as it definitely forced me to choose some books that I wouldn't normally... like the Goldfinch! And Shantaram, which I also loved (the second time I tried to get through it). 


Now that I'm trying to find the balance of running my own business and a couple of small side gigs, I find that I haven't been reading as much. I know how happy that reading makes me, and how it keeps my stress levels down. Even if I start reading some business-related or skill/knowledge books (like that Mastering Copperplate book pictured - high on my list), I would really like to start reading more again. Also, the Line Botanicals book by Peggy Dean! (if you're looking to surprise me with a gift, that would be a good item, lol - worth a shot) 

Tell me your favorite books! Any genre, any length! I need to make a new list to work through, and I would love recommendations! 

If you're interested in doing your own challenge let me know! I may could be convinced to do it again in 2018 :)