Going to be hard to follow last week's super long and fantastic post! So if you missed it, go back and check out why I loved my branding session with Kathy and Jen! Because I'm still giddy and love everything and hope more people take advantage of their killer and affordable services! 

Before I forget... join my Facebook group!!

I've had it for forever, and am just now starting to actually put stuff in there! I'd love to start doing live lettering videos, taking requests for demos, and much more! So join us here to learn and laugh together! Pretty please?! 

Okay. So today I thought I'd give you a little peek into what August holds for me personally and Joy Unscripted as a business! If you haven't already, sign up for my newsletter and you can get the August digital download fo' free! That's right, free. And yes, my lovely already newsletter subscribers, it's coming your way soon! Promise. 

First up in August? Some major custom sign request catch-up work! I shipped out three signs (two wood and two chalkboard) for three orders already this week. I guess technically I did that yesterday which was still July, but it felt like a great start to August in my head, haha. 

All the rest of this week will be spent alternating between a beautiful envelope calligraphy order and website design! When my hand gets tired lettering I'll switch to the computer, and when my eyes get tired of the screen I'll switch back to lettering. I'm excited for both of these projects as I feel like I've been doing a bunch of personal business growth work (aka behind the scenes) recently and it feels good to be producing for client orders again! 

This weekend I'm making some items for a very special baby shower being thrown by Candace of Mingle Events for my dear friend Taylor Gregg of Chestnut Ridge! We're getting all dolled up Southern front porch, sweet tea sippin' style, big hats and all.

Have YA seen this porch? It's what dreams are made of. add in a little sweet tea and this Southern gal might as well be in heaven!

[I'm also hoping I find my Southern accent again... it tends to only come out proportional to the amount of wine I've had!!!] But in all seriousness, I'm excited to celebrate this beautiful friend of mine before she welcomes her third baby boy! 

After that it's all hands on deck (yes, it's only me and I only have two, but you get my meaning... and I may recruit some help) in some mad dash prep for Vintage Market Days! I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this great market show, and will be busy busy busy prepping signs and cards to stock!

That same weekend is the grand opening of Chestnut Ridge and Taylor's Open House party! Joy Unscripted is extremely honored to be providing signage and other fun items for the event. Y'all. I'm having flashbacks to the beauty and stunning details that were a part of the Engaged Launch, and am utterly thrilled to see everything come together at Chestnut Ridge.

I'm ready for another ENGAGED PARTY! Whatdya think Candace?? 

After I survive [and thrive in] the whirlwind that is the Open House and Vintage Market Days, I'll be teaching a hand lettering workshop at Nest Boutique in Biltmore Village on August 24th! Then I get to close out August celebrating one my very bestest Atlanta friends as his marries his dream girl! Throw in some additional custom orders throughout the month, like a full chalkboard wall in a gorgeous Asheville house, wedding signage and an extra special logo design for my cousin's hiking brand, and this girl is going to be pooped! 

Needless to say, August is busy in all the right ways!!

Even if writing about all of these things coming in hot on the radar is a bit daunting, I'm so excited for all of the fun projects and good times this month is bringing with it!