Ugh. Goals.

They always sound like a good idea, but then I always struggle at really making any. What do I really want? A question that I’ve never really been good at answering. Which of course makes me not very good at goals. How do you make realistic and attainable goals if you don’t know what you want to accomplish??


So, this year I decided to get a little help. I purchased the Lara Casey 2017 Powersheets. I wasn’t very familiar with them, but had seen a bunch of people posting about them on Instagram, and had heard Lara’s name on some Podcasts. YES, I’m a huge fan of Podcasts of all sorts!! [if you are too, I’d love to hear your favorites] And then I explored the website. HELLO COLORS. I love bright colors. Which makes me imagine a serious rebrand of Joy Unscripted at some point?! Maybe. Anyways. If you don’t know Lara’s story or haven’t heard of these Powersheets… check them out!

I ordered them as a Christmas gift to myself, but still wasn’t really sure what to expect. First off, right out of the box the things are just pretty. Nicely spiral bound with plenty of tabs and colors. But dang, I wasn’t mentally prepared for the big-soul-searching-deep-dive-of-my-brain in the first handful of pages. But geez, what did I expect?? This is exactly what I had wanted right? Right??

Whew. It was hard, and I’m not sure I fully used them to the fullest… but it’s my first go ‘round with them, and I’ll be interested to see how my experience morphs throughout the year. One great thing about these Powersheets is you set up these initial 10 goals, but then each season you do a re-vamp and check in and see how things are going, and if anything has shifted in your focus. And these goals don’t have to be business related. I think that I always want everything to be so segmented… business separate from personal separate from anything else, but life isn’t that way. And it was nice to doodle and brainstorm for all areas of my life so that it was easy to see what all is important to me on a single page.

The major benefit there I found is that you don’t limit your brain. Those first pages just tell you to write and see what comes out! I should probably do more of that… it’d be good practice for my lettering skills also. It also encourages you to pick a Power Word for the year… I chose ‘faith’ quickly, doodled it on the specific card they provided, and then immediately thought of a billion others that would have been better. But what could be better than faith to lead me through this year?! If you know any of my “real job” woes, it’s been an interesting couple of months, amiright??


So a major theme I noticed was simple health related tasks (drink more water, walk more, walk more with the pups, eat healthier) and then there were ones that suggest I need to get out of my comfort zone…. like I started this business and had a surprisingly successful first 9 months of being open for not really having any major plans. So now what?

The 10 Goals I settled on (in no particular order):

  • Create/find a quote to be my motto for the year
  • Post to my business blog more often (1x/month minimum; ideally 1x/week)
  • Talk to local businesses about lettering on their menus or windows
  • Participate as a vendor/have a booth at a local craft show or market
  • Finally learn to drive Andy’s car!!!! (stick shift)
  • Host 2 lettering workshops or classes
  • Complete a paid envelope order
  • Drink at least 40oz of water every day MINIMUM (y’all, I’m starting small)
  • Complete at least 3 Bible Studies [that I already own --> I hoard these]
  • Participate in Styled Shoot that shows me lettering 

What do you think? As you write these down on the Powersheets they break it down asking steps that would be helpful along the way, who would be helpful to contact about to help you, and other hints for success. 

Goal: post more regularly on the Joy Unscripted blog!

  • WHEN: at minimum, post at least once per month; ideally, once per week
  • WHY: increase exposure and show the "me" behind the business
  • HOW: 
    • research interesting blog topics
    • schedule specific posts to calendar
    • collect images of my work or others to include
    • regularly read other people's blogs
  • WHO: Brooke!! She lives to create a good blog post, and is the mastermind behind the Tony Townie. She’ll also be helping to create content on our Engaged blog. So I'd say she probably has some great advice on keeping up with a blog!

The month-specific pages give you a chance to reflect and choose the goal(s) you will be working towards throughout the month. There is a great "Let it Go" page for just clearing your mind and stating where you're at and how you're feeling in order to simplify the important parts. The main page is a "tending list" to have a quick-look at your Monthly, Weekly and Daily items! Love this one-page tracking feature!! 

So even though January is [already] coming to a close, and perhaps these Powersheets are so far underutilized, I do feel like they've played a huge part in helping me to feel better organized and actually working towards productive, "make-me-feel-happy-and-successful" projects! 

Stay tuned for progress updates throughout 2017!